Aerospace Report

Chapter Two: Green Recovery

Protolabs’ latest survey into the European aerospace industry is presented in the second part of the Horizon Shift report, now available for download. 

The new report examines how the industry feels about emissions reductions, the types of innovation that will support a green recovery in the aerospace industry, and implications for the supply chain. 

The latest survey, conducted in June, involved 80 key industry professionals from across Europe. It is a follow-up to an initial survey of 325 executives taken in February and March at the start of Covid-19. The new report gives a unique insight into the sector, particularly in regard to what has changed as a result of the pandemic. 

Report predicts a green recovery for aerospace

Find out how: Supply chains key to greener aerospace.

Covid-19 has brought huge disruption to aerospace, and the economic rebound is not expected until next year. A majority of businesses within the sector will continue to experience a significant financial and operational impact. Also, businesses were already being challenged by emissions targets and consumer expectations around environmental sustainability. But the challenges also present opportunities for recovery, as revealed by Protolabs’ latest survey into the European aerospace sector.

Three quarters of firms surveyed expect environmental credibility to become a key differentiator moving forward.

Download the full report above to discover and understand how technology within Aerospace is changing.

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