Aerospace Full Report

Download the full report above to discover and understand how technology within Aerospace is changing.

The first chapter of the report focuses on low space, how disruptive technologies are driving transition in that area, and how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is increasing the appetite for innovation.

The second chapter of the report focuses on the environment and how materials technology, innovation and flexible supply chains can help the sector create the next generation of aircraft. Insights here include the revelation that 77% of respondents expect environmental credibility to become a key differentiator moving forward. 

Key industry professionals have seen a rise in interest for innovation.

Accelerated disruption in aerospace & In it for the long haul

Protolabs’ surveys into the European aerospace industry this year involved more than 300 key industry professionals from across Europe; from low space (drone manufacturers, urban air mobility), middle space (aerospace and defence manufacturers), and high space (satellite manufacturers, government and not-for-profit organisations). 

The resulting document – the full Horizon Shift aerospace report – contains unique and fascinating insight, revealing what has changed throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and how innovation could support a green recovery. 


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